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Let's reach YOUR goal together!

Do you have a fitness goal? Are you training for a specific event? Or do you wish to get into better shapeWe are certified fitness instructors and can help you achieve your goals - not just on your bicycle! Together, we make a plan, help you stick to it, and get you where you want to be!

Check the options below and, drop us a message!

F2F Training

Based on your goals we set up a training program and schedule. Once or twice a week we meet, workout, measure progress and keep track of the ultimate target.

A fully customised program will be our guide. It will include everything needed to master your goal: cardio, weights training, calisthenics, nutrition, and more

Depending on your needs and wishes, we train at your location, outdoors, at your workplace - whatever works best for you!

Reach out to us to learn more!


Virtual Training

Can't go to the gym regularly, or you just prefer online meetings? We can train together through video too! 

Based on your preference, we can workout together - 100% virtually or partly. We will work from a customised program, track progress and support you getting to your goal.

Switch on the camera, grab the training tools and will we have a solid workout together!

Curious to give it a try?

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