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Routes info, weather, bike transportation, rental options 

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Pricing and payment options 

Professional Rider


Emergency and regular medical assistance



We organize your entire stay in Bulgaria! You only need to enjoy the ride! 

We are offering 2 days, 5 days, and longer bike tours in 4 main biking packages, all of which can be redesigned based on your preferences. Packages vary based on daily ride length and elevation

All our packages include: 

  • Convenient airport transfer 

  • Excellent hotel accommodation 

  • Complete tour road design based on your expectations

  • Guided bike tours by professional cyclists

  • Technical support for your bicycle

  • Access and information on places and sights 

We can add: 

  • Designed bicycle tours - wine tasting, spa tour, historical sights, and other

  • Additional sports activities - swimming, climbing, running, etc. 

  • Personal training

  • Massages and physiotherapy 

Choose between PROcycling, BALANCEcycling, JOYcycling,

or design YOUR OWN cycling!



Hotel accommodation is included in our multiple days' packages for the duration of the whole trip, additional nights excluded. 

Traveling and bicycle transportation to and from Sofia is not part of TWC's services, but we can provide you with many useful tips for finding the best options. 


Sofia is a well-connected capital with many direct flights (both traditional and low-cost companies) from most EU countries. 


Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France (Nice, Paris),  Germany (Dortmund, Frankfurt, Munich-West, Nuremberg), Hungary, Israel, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands (Eindhoven), Portugal, Italy, Russia (St. Petersburg), Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, the United Kingdom (Gatwick, Luton) 


Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany (Cologne, Hamburg, Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden, Memmingen, Berlin Schoenefeld), Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, the Netherlands (Eindhoven), Spain, Ukraine, the United Kingdom (Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, East Midlands, Stansted)


the United Kingdom (Edinburg, Manchester, Bristol, London Gatwick, and Southend)

Bulgaria Air

Switzerland, Spain (Madrid, Palma, Malaga, Barcelona), Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt), Israel, the Netherlands (Amsterdam), France (Paris), Italy, Czech Republic, United Kingdom (London Heathrow), Austria, Russia (Moscow, St, Petersburg), Romania, Portugal, Lebanon

Other airlines with daily flights to Sofia:

Lufthansa, KLM, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, British Airways


We ride our bicycles over cobles and tarmac, a bit of gravel can be expected as well.

Flatland hardly exists in Bulgaria, so make sure you are prepared to go up and down all day. 


You can expect a lot of sunshine from April to OctoberThe country has beautiful, diverse, and - on certain spots - intact nature.  Along our bike trips, we are always dedicated to preserving it as clean and untouched as this depends on our group. 


Most participants bring their own bicycles. Airline companies offer options to check in your bike for a fee. The bicycle needs to be stored in a bike suitcase or box, in order to be protected during travel. For more information, cost, and requirements, please refer to the website of the airline companies.

Bicycle rental is also available. You can request a bike in your registration form. The Wheel Crew charges EUR 25 per day per bike. In order to provide you with the best-fitting bike, please specify your bicycle size of your preference, and inform us whether you want to bring your own pedals and seat.




Once you book your preferred bike trip, you will receive payment information via email. All payments are done via bank transfers to the company's account. We offer reimbursement in case you cannot attend your trip.


The price for multiple days bike tours includes:

  • airport transfer

  • hotel accommodation breakfast included

  • guided tours

  • technical support

  • lunch during the tour days 

The price for multiple days tours does not include additional hotel stay and breakfast, lunches outside of the days of the tour, dinners for your entire stay, medical help (different than emergency support), insurance, bike rental, bike gear rental (both can be added to the packages), technical support outside of the days of the trip,  paid visits to historical, cultural or entertainment sites (can be added to the package). 

In case you need accommodation before or after the booked trip, the TWC's team can assist you

Local one or multiple-day bike tours packages include: 

  • guided bicycle tours,

  • organized lunch in pre-selected eating places along the route,

  • information on visited places. 

The price does not include hotel accommodation, dinners, medical help (different than emergency support), insurance, bike rental, bike gear rental (both can be added to the packages), technical support outside of the days of the trip, paid visits to historical, cultural or entertainment sites (can be added to the package). 



Insurance and medical support, other than emergency help (trauma, incident, allergic or chronicle condition outburst, etc) is not part of our packages. We recommend that you make arrangements with your insurer in case you deem it necessary.


If you are an EU citizen, during your stay in Bulgaria, including during your bike trip, emergency medical help is ensured under your European Insurance Health Card, the EIHC (more information here). If you do not have EIHC, we strongly recommend that you issue yourself one. You can contact your insurer for more information.


The EIHC does not cover planned treatments abroad (only medically necessary healthcare) and does not cover private healthcare or repatriation. In case of an emergency, the healthcare provider will provide treatment and then will claim the medical expenses with your current health insurance company or health service. The insurance company or health service determines which costs are to be reimbursed and if any excess costs are applicable. 

If you are a non-EU citizen, the medical expenses for any treatment, including an emergency one, will be claimed by you directly as per the price list of the healthcare provider. 

The TWC team will provide you with logistical and translation support in case of a medical emergency. 


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