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The complete tire repair kit for bicycle tires. It contains: 3 x inner patch 16mm, 3 x inner patch 22mm, 2 x inner patch 25 mm, 2 x inner patch 33mm, 2 x inner patch oval, 1x sheet patch, 1 x Tire casing patch 35mm, 1 x Tube Simson vulcanizing Solution 10 ml, 1 x waterproof grinding paper, 3 x tire levers, 1 x universal valve, 1 x chalk, 1 x tweezers, 1 x handcleaner wipe. This means it serves around 16 repairs and is mostly used at home.


The piece of kit for every cyclist!

Tire repair kit - Large

  • Some details

    • The large version of our repair kits
    • Contains everything to fix almost any tire
    • Big enough for many times fixing a tire, small enough for easy storing
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